Defensive Tactics Institute

Little Rock

Based in Central Arkansas, Defensive Tactics Institute is a leading home and personal defense training facility complete with a climate controlled classroom, onsite outdoor dynamic shooting range and a pro shop for your self defense needs.


Bernie Major has provided protection for a wide range of individuals and companies including fortune 500 executives, government officials, celebrities, movie sets and high value assets. Mr. Major has also assisted with high risk protection during natural disasters. Mr. Major is a highly trained executive protection specialist who can provide covert/low profile close protection with a common sense approach.

As a former military unarmed combat instructor, martial arts master, law enforcement firearms instructor, Mr. Major has the physical skills to prevail over adversity to keep you safe, however, intelligence based protection, more often than not will aid in avoiding physical danger. Mr. Major has trained under the instruction and supervision of the Arkansas State Police and Little Rock Police SWAT instructors. He is also a honor graduate of Executive Security International who are known as the "Harvard" of bodyguard schools.

An intelligence based security approach is the most efficient way to develop a solid security strategy to minimize the risks until the threat is no longer present.  

The plan can include thorough background checks, surveillance and other intelligence gathering methods to create a threat matrix to analyze the possibilities and probabilities of danger to determine the best strategies.

ferguson security detail

Mr. Major can provide thorough advance work to plan the safest routes to and from your destinations according to your schedule. Advance work will minimize opportunities for attack and allow for a security plan with several contingencies.

Mr. Major has performed protection details for Fortune 500 executives, government officials, dignitaries, prominent business personalities and well known celebrities. He is also a member of a protection network that gives him access to local assets in most major centers and several countries. Some of the companies Mr. Major has performed successful security details for are: Kellogg's, BET, Stephen's Inc., Certified Security Services, Regius Disaster Security, Levian Jewelry and more. The most recent security detail was in Ferguson Missouri during the riots.



Bernie Major CPS is a Registered Private Investigator who is trained in covert surveillance techniques, interviewing, electronic countermeasure sweeps, graphology analysis, report writing and more. Mr. Major has worked as a private investigator officially for over two years. He has successfully complete a wide variety of cases including: Insurance fraud, workers comp, arson, theft, murder, custody, cold cases, infidelity, stalking  and a missing persons case.

He has worked on accident reconstruction reports, taken recorded statements, researched court documents, conducted covert surveillance, performed background checks, conducted electronic countermeasure sweeps, stalker profiling and more.

Mr. Major prides himself on being thorough. He provides timely, comprehensive reports that clearly state the facts. Often reports will be accompanied by integrity video, photographs or audio recordings so that you have the evidence you need to build a solid case. 


"Bernie Major with DTI provided professional and confidential investigative services for me.  He was easy to work with and determined the scope of services needed, charged a fair price, and had my results to me within days.   I would highly recommend his investigative services."     Jean