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L.E.O. Tactical Light

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L.E.O. Tactical Light


Product Description

Use FULL SIZE with both batteries for 800 Lumen (L) strobe, 800L constant on, or 200L constant on dim.

• Use COMPACT SIZE with single battery for 550L strobe, 550L constant on, or 160L constant on dim.

• The L.E.O. throws a concentrated beam of light over 200 yards, with a 100 yard wide field of view. Use with offensive / defensive lighting techniques to visually confuse or disable an attacker. The constant beam has a center spot too intense for an individual to look into; the strobe is very disorienting and debilitating.* The secondary corona is bright enough to illuminate your immediate environment (left, right, up and down) without backsplash or self-blinding off walls, windows and mirrors.

• The edged bezel is suitable to apply pinpoint pressure to a joint, bone or muscle. The weight of the bezel head makes the L.E.O. appropriate as an impact tool if necessary.

• Each L.E.O. is individually serial numbered, shock tested on a weighted pendulum recoil sled, water and luminance tested.

L.E.O. Use and Charging


1) Lightly push the ON/OFF button to sequence your L.E.O. to dim, strobe or bright mode. As long as you press faster than 1 second each time, it will sequence quickly and efficiently.

2) While sequencing, find the desired setting and press button down all the way to set your L.E.O. for continuous or hands free use.

3) To pre-program your L.E.O. to turn on in a specific setting: When your light system runs for more than 1.5 seconds on any setting it will self-program. As long as you do not sequence faster than 1.5 sec your light system will remain on that setting through its duration of use, just double tap quickly and it will sequence to the next setting.

Using pressure switch:

1) Insert pressure switch into the end cap port.

2) Attach pressure pad on desired area of weapon.

3) Press the pad end to turn on, release pressure to cycle. Use the preprogramming method above with your pressure pad. The furnished lithium ion “smart batteries” hold charge longer, can’t overcharge.

1) Place batteries in charger and plug into any 110V outlet or into car lighter outlet with adapter cord.

2) The led light will glow red when charging, and green when finished.

3) Remove end cap and insert

2 rechargeable TACT-OUT lithium ion batteries or 4 CR123 batteries.

Warning: Exposure to strobe lights may cause dizziness, disorientation & nausea. Those who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy may experience seizures or blackouts. Anyone who has had symptoms linked to this condition should consult a doctor before using this product.

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