Defensive Tactics Institute

Little Rock

Based in Central Arkansas, Defensive Tactics Institute is a leading home and personal defense training facility complete with a climate controlled classroom, onsite outdoor dynamic shooting range and a pro shop for your self defense needs.

It’s not about survival. It’s about winning!
— Major

Whether you are an LEO, Military or a Weekend Warrior, this is for you. A revolutionary weapon attachment that can truly save lives. It has military and police applications as well as a perfect force multiplier for an effective home defense platform.  It fits most semi automatic pistols, airsoft pistols and rifles without modifications.


FireGrip Pre-order

For Airsoft or Real Guns

Turn just about any pistol into a rifle fore grip.

Designed for the military and police, the FIREGRIP allows the operator to carry more ammo, perform instantaneous weapon transitions and gives an option of pistol or rifle ballistics.

Simply attach the pistol to the FIREGRIP and the FIREGRIP to the rifle. You sight the pistol to your rifle sights or optics.

NO MODS or special tools required.

Free shipping to the lower 48 states.

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