Defensive Tactics Institute

Little Rock

Based in Central Arkansas, Defensive Tactics Institute is a leading home and personal defense training facility complete with a climate controlled classroom, onsite outdoor dynamic shooting range and a pro shop for your self defense needs.

PREPARE for the Unforeseen

  “According to Gun Owners of America, the governments of the world slaughtered more than 170 million of their own people during the 20th century. The vast majority of those people had been disarmed by their own government prior to being slaughtered.” –





Do you fear that something like this would happen in our great country?


What can you do?


Prepare so that no matter what happens, you feel comfortable

Ready yourself & your family for the unforeseen

Educate yourself by learning to use a gun correctly & effectively

Pull the trigger in self-defense

Arm yourself with knowledge & skill

Remember that a disarmed nation is a defeated nation

Empower yourself!


Bernard Major’s Online Pistol Fundamentals Course is an effective way to PREPARE yourself and your family for whatever may come.


Why is the course imperative?


1.   You do not have to spend money on ammo

2.   You will learn both beginner and expert tips for using a pistol correctly

3.   You will be able to practice in the comfort of your own home

4.   Your instructor, Bernard Major, CPS, takes safety very seriously, so you will learn how to defend yourself in the safest manner possible

5.   You can’t afford to not be prepared should the unthinkable occur