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Little Rock

Based in Central Arkansas, Defensive Tactics Institute is a leading home and personal defense training facility complete with a climate controlled classroom, onsite outdoor dynamic shooting range and a pro shop for your self defense needs.

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How much do you prepare before a big event?

     A violent attack can be a life changing experience, mentally, physically and emotionally. The decisions you make can affect the rest of your life. The decisions you make could end your life. The only thing many folks go by is TV or movies. But the sterile, scripted fight scenes, perfect camera angles and super human feats that are portrayed on the screen pail in comparison to real life. Most people gravitate to purchasing a firearm as the answer to their self defense needs. They go get a concealed carry class and poof! Instant self defense. It’s not that easy. Oh, you may get lucky, but I’d rather be skilled. How much will you prepare for a life changing  event? Especially when you may be responsible for others like your family.

If you own a gun, you need to take my online basic pistol course to either learn to shoot well or to re-enforce solid skills that will work even under the stress of saving your life.