Defensive Tactics Institute

Little Rock

Based in Central Arkansas, Defensive Tactics Institute is a leading home and personal defense training facility complete with a climate controlled classroom, onsite outdoor dynamic shooting range and a pro shop for your self defense needs.

The samurai were the world’s first bodyguards. They gave their lives to their lord. So when it came time, they fought like they had nothing to lose. We feel the same about our families. The lessons from ancient warriors are still being taught today, enhanced by modern tools and tactics. Be your own bodyguard for the sake of your family.

Join me in the journey
— Master Bernie Major CPS

Home and Personal Defense

Our goal at Defensive Tactics Institute is to provide the law abiding citizen with the ability to act as their own and their family's bodyguard. To provide a school for the student to learn proven skills, theories, tactics and knowledge to protect themselves and their families from a variety of threats through all levels of force from verbal talk-down to lethal force with edged, blunt or ballistic tools, so the innocent can prevail.